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Pledge Music Drive, Exclusive Acoustic JLH Performance, and Upcoming Streaming Concert 

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

We've officially kicked off the Pledge Music Drive for Jamie Lynn Hart Band's next album - and we have a hilarious video (um...short film?) for you to watch!  Check it out here:

Watch to learn why:

1)  Louis became an escort
2)  The band name is "The Stolen Roses"
3)  Investment Bankers have a short fuse.

In all seriousness, the band and I are STOKED to record this new record, and we need your help!  Check out the pledge page, check out the "Exclusives" (including signed cds, signed lyric sheets, band makes you dinner packages, & more), and please help us make this new album!

One of the exclusives that pledgers will be able to gain access to is an mp3 copy of the radio set that Jamie and I performed last night on Frank FM.  You'll be able to listen to never before aired (or played...) acoustic versions of "Bad", and acoustic versions of new tunes that will be on the next album, "Seeker" and "Breakdown".  Thanks again to Frank FM for having us!  

If you missed the radio set last night - don't despair!  We'll be hosting a streaming online concert from my couch on Wednesday evening at 9PM! This time it will be the full band, performing acoustic versions of our tunes and answering any fan questions, but mostly telling bad jokes and stories.  Stay tuned for details!



Faneuil Hall Gig on Friday, Guitar Gear Madness, and Recording in 1 Month! 

Hey dudes!

I've got an exciting gig coming up this Friday with Street Chalk - this one is for anyone who has been interested in checking out this band, but who doesn't like partying on Wednesday evenings during our residency at Common Ground (come on though, Wednesday nights don't have to be boring!).  Well, we're switching over from partying on Wednesday this week and we're playing this Friday night at "The Point" in Faneuil Hall.  We'll be rocking all night starting at 10pm, so come down early and help us kick off the weekend!  You can expect to hear your favorite 90's hip-hop tunes, have a dance off with Angela and Andrew "Funkhouse" Frankhouse, drink some delicious beers, and take the T home late.  

In other news, the recording for the new Jamie Lynn Hart Band album is just over a month away!  I've been stock-piling some gear in preparation for recording - see my updated Gear page for any guitar nerds out there who want to see what I might be using during the recording.  The latest addition is a Fender Blues Deluxe.

Hope to see ya Friday!


Slash on Staying Humble, Gigs This Week, and JLH Band Update 

Hey dudes/dudettes,

I just came across this YouTube vid from Slash (he's working on a new record that I can't wait to check out) - I really dug it because even though he's one of my favorite guitarist and a total badass, he talks about staying humble and not letting stardom/whatever get to his head.  I found it to be way inspiring, and it just made me want to pick up my guitar and practice / write.  Definitely check it out if you have a few minutes:

This week, I've got two back-to-back gigs that I'm stoked about.  

Street Chalk is rocking out at McGann's this Thursday night at 9:30PM (Click Here For Facebook Event )


Jamie Lynn Hart Band is playing in Beverly MA THIS FRIDAY at Chianti on Cabot Street.  This place is really cool, and I definitely recommend getting a bite there and hanging out the for show - we hit it at 9:30pm.

Last but not least, working on the new JLH Band album is coming along!  We have some new tunes that we're proud of (you may have a heard a sample at one of the recent live shows), and we're gearing up to head to the studio in May.  Stay tuned for a Pledge Music Campaign - we'll need all the support we can get to make this record happen, and we're offering some pretty cool incentives to support us in making this album.

Hope you're well!


JLH Band wins "Best New Album", "Best Music Video", and Birthday Gig! 


We received some killer news in JLH Band - we won "Album of the Year" and "Music Video of the Year" from the 2014 Limelight Music awards!  You can read the full article and list of winners here:

We're also rapidly getting ready for recording a new album in May, and pretty soon you'll see a pretty awesome Pledge Music video calling out for your support!  Stay tuned - we're excited to release the Pledge Music Campaign as well as offer up some great & unique prizes for donating.

This Saturday, come help me ring in my 29th orbit around the sun with Jamie Lynn Hart Band at TOAD in Porter Square!  EARLY SHOW!  We're playing from 7:30-9PM or so.  Come celebrate with us and get a preview of some of the new songs that will be on the album!

Rock On!


Great Article, Upcoming Shows 

Hey guys,

I was cleaning out some old papers and came across a printed version of this article.  I just re-read it this morning and found it to be very inspiring and calming, and so I wanted to share it with you:

Hope you dig it!

Upcoming shows:

March 14th - JLH Band, Smoken' Joes (Brighton MA)
March 22nd - Bell Bottom, Maggie's (Quincy MA)
March 29th - JLH Band @ Toad, Porter Square 7PM (Early Show)


Pandora, Last Monthly Gig @ The Middle East, & More 

Hey Friends!

I hope 2014 has been treating you well so far, and that you've either been rockin' your resolutions or decided that they are lame and better left doing next year instead.  2014 has been good to me - here are some of the highlights thus far, and some upcoming events you might want to check out:

Jamie Lynn Hart Band Now on Pandora!

Our live album "Live at Tupelo" is now available for streaming on Pandora.  Check out the Channel Page here and start your own "Jamie Lynn Hart" station:

LAST Middle East show for Jamie Lynn Hart Band on March 6th!

We've decided that March 6th will be our last of the "First Thursday of Every Month" JLH Band series at the Middle East.  It's been an awesome run (almost 4 years!), and we're ending the series to allow us to put more time & energy towards writing the next album, as well as seek out other performance opportunities outside of Boston & New England.  Still, we will miss this "Always Free & Always Fun" show that we have had going (and the Tequila shots that became customary).  A big thanks to our guest artists that played in between sets for us:  Jared Salvatore, Laura Fox, Liz Vaughan, the guys from Destroy Babylon, & many many more.

Street Chalk Photos

Last Wednesday we had an AWESOME gig at Church of Boston.  While there, we discovered that the ladies bathroom is definitely the cooler bathroom of the two, and raided it to take some band photos.  Thumbnails below and full set is on the Media page:

Upcoming Shows:

2/19/14:  Street Chalk @ Common Ground, Allston MA.  10:30PM
3/5/14:    Street Chalk @ Common Ground, Allston MA.  10:30PM
3/6/14:    JLH Band     @ Middle East, Cambridge MA 10PM.  LAST SHOW of Middle East Series!


2013 was rockin' - let's make 2014 even louder :) 


I wanted to give a HUGE THANKS(!!!!) to everyone who made it out to any of the shows from this last year.  It was a really exciting year for me (both personally and music-wise), and it means a lot to have people come out to shows to support the bands I play with.  So thanks for rockin' so hard!

2013 had some great stuff for me, and I wanted to reflect on some of that.  So without further ahhduuue, in 2013:

....There was >60 shows in 2013!  Again, thanks to all who came out to see us, and thanks to the killer bands that I get to play with :)

....Street Chalk, picked up playing Wednesdays at the Common Ground in Allston MA.  We're continuing this through 2014 (every other Wednesday - check the Shows page for details).

....I recorded a bitchin' Live Album with Jamie Lynn Hart Band at Tupelo Music Hall.  I'm really stoked with how it came out - you can check it out and buy a copy at or on iTunes.  There are also some awesome videos for you to check out on her website.

....I got the pleasure of working with Jessica Ryan on her album "Sound Capsule".  You can listen to it on my Portfolio page and buy a copy on her website or iTunes.

....As much as I love playing, seeing a great show is awesome - it's inspiring, challenges me to do better, and best of all, ROCKS!  In 2013, I got to see:
          Tedeschi / Trucks Band
          Austin City Limits festival - Muse, Phoenix, The Cure, Lionel Richie(!), Jimmy Eat World & so many more.
          Paramore (with an awesome opener named "Kitten")
          Nigel Hall

          As well as some awesome local music:

          Evan Goodrow Band (on a boat I might add)
          Abbie Barrett & The Last Date
          Rebecca Muir
          Lydia Warren
          Eddie Japan rockin' the Rumble
          ...& More

....And last but not least, I subbed in with Booty Vortex, where I was booty-dubbed GuitarZan.

Thanks again, and looking forward to all the things that 2014 has in store!

Upcoming Shows

1/22 - Street Chalk @ Common Ground (Allston)
1/23 - Jamie Lynn Hart Band @ Chuch (Boston)
2/1   - Bell Bottom @ Daddy's Beach Club (Nantasket MA)
2/5  - Street Chalk @ Common Ground (Allston)
2/6 - Jamie Lynn Hart Band @ Middle East (Cambridge)


New Venue with Bell Bottom - This Friday 

Hey guys!

For those of you that don't know already, I play in a pretty kickass Classic Rock Cover Band called Bell Bottom ( ).  We cover a lot of the bands that my parents played for me growing up, and that's the stuff that ultimately got me into playing guitar.  So this band is a lot of fun for me, and if you dig classic rock, you won't be dissappointed.

We're playing a new venue this Friday night in Randolph called "City Limits" ( ).  This place looks awesome - craft beers, pool tables, darts, and oh yea, LIVE ROCK MUSIC.

So once you've recovered from your New Years hangover, we want to see you out for this one:

FRIDAY 1/3/14
8:30PM - 12AM
City Limits
326 North Main St.Randolph MA

Hope to see you there!


December News - Live Album Released! New Video(s) Out...& More 

Hey guys!

First off, thanks to everyone who made it out to our CD Release Party on 11/30 at Church!  We had a blast, and it was awesome playing with Jen Kearney & The Lost Onion and Cilla Bonnie.  It was a great way to kick off the official release of the "Live at Tupelo" album, and it's now available for download on iTunes, or you can buy it directly here:

Also, the album also got a pretty bitchin' review - check it out!:


We released two new videos on youtube - one of them is from the live show at Tupelo on 8/29.  That's our new song called "Bad".  The other is a music video for a song called "Down" - it's a really awesome video and features a painting done by our friend Aleksey Nelipa.  You can check out the videos on my Media page or find them on Jamie's YouTube Channel.

So with a new live album and two new videos out, we're excited to have some momentum behind us and are looking forward to the next adventure?  What's next?  Well...since you asked....:

*  A FREE show at the Middle East this Thursday.
*  A new album being recorded in early 2014.
*  More shows!
*  Some other stuff that I can't tell the world just yet....

Finally, there are some other great shows coming up with a bunch of badasses that I get to play with:  Street Chalk and Bell Bottom.

Upcoming SHOWS:

12/4 - Street Chalk @ Common Ground
12/5 - Jamie Lynn Hart Band @ Middle East
12/13 - Bell Bottom @ Daddy's Beach Club (Hull MA)
12/18 - Street Chalk @ Common Ground
12/28 - Bell Bottom @ Maggie's Lounge (Quincy MA)

Hope you all have an AWESOME Holiday Season, and looking forward to seeing you at a show!



Live Album - Release date is 11/30 

Hi guys! 

We're celebrating the official release of the "Jamie Lynn Hart Band - Live at Tupelo" album on 11/30 at Church of Boston (see shows for details). 

You can pre-order the album here, and by doing that you can get an instant download of our new song "Bad".  "Bad" is also up on the videos page.

Hope to see you on 11/30 at Church!


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